Form follows function in your WordPress Theme

21311025203_belanja-onlineMaking your website work well, not just look pretty.

Once upon a time a long time ago graphics on a website were very limited.  There was a lot to account for to make sure your website would show up at all.  The majority of people creating web pages in the early days of the internet were programmers.  They knew that you needed to make sure the code was correct in order for the browser to be able to present the page.  Flash forward to now where there are a ton of WordPress themes to choose from.  The thing to keep in mind is that not all themes are created equal.   It is important to make sure the theme you choose is:

  • Well maintained – make sure that the theme you pick is not only compatible with the latest version of WordPress but has a plan to be actively updated when WordPress is updated
  • Has solid functionality – it is important to take a new theme out for a test drive.  Try installing some plugins and seeing how modifying something simple (like the font) or embedding a video will effect it.  You need to know that adding and changing things isn’t going to break your site
  • Highly recommended – there are times when you can discover a great theme that no one recommends, but as a rule of thumb if a theme is good people will be talking about it, or at least will be recommending other themes created by the same person.
  • Worth what it cost – As a general rule you will find that spending even a few dollars for your theme will make a huge difference, especially with regard to SEO, in the long term effectiveness of your website.

IF you are interested in great themes check out  StudioPress Theme of the Month – Minimum Theme

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