How to install WordPress

21310674308_f8c48e46-origThese day most hosting providers have WordPress available for instant download.  In most cases there is an icon with the WordPress “W” symbol on it in the main section of your hosting control panel where you can install other programs.  If not then there will be something like fantastico or other script installing program which when you click on will give you a whole bunch of programs you can install on your hosting account.

Here is how it works: By clicking on the button(s) you will get to a small form which will ask you for so very basic information like what username and password you want to use and what you want to name your WordPress site.  Once you click install your WordPress will be automatically installed for you.

To help you out even more, here is a video to help you.


Sometimes even after watching a video you may find you need help.  If so we recommend a hosting company that will install WordPress for you.

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