What should I name my website?

wordsUsing words in your domain name that your readers would use

Often we pick a name based on words we use all the time.  The question is are these the words the people you want to read your site are searching for?

Spending some time on Google looking up keywords can really help you know how your customer would speak.  For example your blog is going to be about the automobile industry a quick search will show that the word car is more popular. By looking even deeper you will find that the though car is more popular in the US (local searches) that auto is more popular internationally (global searches).  So even if you normally use the word automobile using the word auto for international or car for a US only site would be a better word choice.

The key is to know your audience before you start addressing them.  Have you ever talked with someone who really knew what they were talking about, but you didn’t understand a word they said?  Don’t let your readers feel this way about you!  Write to them in their language.

Here are some more helpful tips for naming your website:

Having a specific name that says what your site is about

Making your domain name personal to you