Using Keywords Properly To Improve the SEO For WordPress

1310674074_bigstock-green-blog-2184896Keywords and SEO

Using keywords properly can improve your SEO for WordPress. Most people actually overuse keywords and keyword phrases which results in low SEO rankings. Keep in mind that keywords need to be evenly spaced and should be less than 1% of your content.

Your keyword or keyword phrase should be included in the title, the first sentence or paragraph of your article, and again in the last paragraph. You can also include it somewhere in the middle if your article is 500 words or more. You keyword should also appear in your meta tag as well. It should also flow naturally and not sound forced.

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How A WordPress SEO Plugin Can Improve Your WordPress SEO Ranking

  1. 1310492494_rssLet’s face it most people aren’t experts at search engine optimization, and if this is your first website, or if your website is not ranking well, having a WordPress SEO plugin for your website can really improve your WordPress SEO ranking.
  2. A WordPress SEO Plugin can help to optimize titles, fine tune your navigational links, avoid duplicate content and generate META tags to increase the consistency of your site, which makes your site more attractive to those search engine bots and result in you being able to see your SEO ranking climb up through the pages.

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Great Content Is The Key To Having The Best SEO WordPress Website

How do I get the best SEO for my site?

  1. 11311024963_makemoneyonlinebloggingEveryone talks about the use of keywords, backlinks, and internal links and how important they are to having a great Search engine optimized website, and while all of these things do play a roll in improving your websites SEO the real key is having great content.
  2. Great content is content that is interesting and fresh and something your visitors really want to view. If your content can give them new information, show them how to do something, or put a smile on their face then you have achieve the first and most important step in seeing your website rank well with the search engines.

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What WordPress Plugin can I use to have the best possible SEO for my website?

1310492493_seo-benefits-of-bloggingThere are so many plugins to choose from how do you know which one is right for your site.

When doing a search for SEO plugins there are 34 pages of possibilities.  Some claim to help with the SEO of your entire WordPress site, while other plugins claim to boost the search engine effectiveness of a single function.  When in doubt, find out what others are saying and recommend.

It doesn’t take long to see that WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast is what you are looking for.  It comes highly recommended.  It is stable (meaning it isn’t something new that is being tested out) and it is updated regularly.  When you combine that with good tutorials on how to use it and good support, you can quickly see why this plugin will take care of your WordPress SEO needs.

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