Do you need this WordPress Plugin?

f_11311025159_canyoureallymakemoneyonline.jpgThere are so many exciting plugins you can use with your WordPress site that it is easy to look at your entire list of plugins and be startled by how huge the list has grown.

There are a few plugins like Akismet that you will probably always have.  These core plugins are likely working tirelessly for you every day.

However, there are a whole bunch of other plugins that you don’t need and probably don’t use.  Maybe you used it once, or maybe you intended to use it.  Whatever the reason now you have a plugin that you aren’t using or doesn’t really impact the core functionality of your website.  As hard as it may be you need to take an honest evaluation of your list of plugins and ask yourself:

“Do I need this plugin?”.

As tough as it can be you need to remove all the plugins you aren’t using.  Don’t just deactivate them, DELETE them.  Even a non-active plugin can impact the effectiveness of your WordPress web site.  If you need a function, such as a broken link checker; install it, use it and then remove it.

Use all the plugins that help your site function the best it can, but don’t fall into the trap of installing every pretty new plugin that comes along.

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