How to change items in the sidebar in my WordPress design

old_keyUsing WordPress Sidebars

To change the sidebar design of your WordPress site all you need to do is:

  1. Log into WordPress
  2. Go to Appearance>Widgets.

Here you will find one to several available sidebars.  To remove an item from the sidebar:

  1. Click on the down arrow on the right hand side of that item in the sidebar.
  2. This will open the item.
  3. At the bottom you can click on delete and the item will be removed from your sidebar.

To add an item:

  1. Pick any of the items from the available widgets area and drag it to the sidebar or section you would like it in.
  2. Modify or adjust the setting for the widget by opening (click the arrow on the right side to open it)
  3. Enter or change the information to have the details you need.

If all else fails you can add a text widget which will allow you to place any text or html.

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