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01310492559_bloggingseriesbutton150x150.jpgThe latest mantra is to blog and makes money online. A blog is a website usually maintained by an individual and it is updated regularly with the entries of commentary and description of events. There are different types of blog and they are political blogs, fashion blogs, travel blogs etc. There are several methods to earn money from blogs. Blogs could be effectively used to generate income. The most effective method to make money from blog is through Google’s AdSense. It is a method whereby a blogger can post the ad that is relevant to their content. This helps Google to analyze about the page and that finally results in the display of an ad. As a result the visitors to the blog increase and thereby it serves as a way to generate income. Though RSS advertising is a method whereby the bloggers earn money there are no proved results of it being profitable. Besides advertising campaigns sponsorship is another activity which helps in making money online. Bloggers are sponsored by the companies to post articles on certain topics and earn money by posting it in their blogs. Another effective method for blog make money online is that several bloggers have adopted digital assets to generate income. They have started conducting tele-seminars and courses, many bloggers run various programs to make money online. With the increasing popularity of blogging networks, bloggers have found another opportunity to earn more income. New bloggers are more welcome and some bloggers even combine with others to write and earn money. The growing popularity of the bloggers has encouraged several companies to start their blogs with their own staff. Some of them hire the bloggers and they are paid for their work. The popularity of the bloggers has even encouraged the non blogger medium to hire bloggers to write articles for their newspapers, magazines and non blog medium. Bloggers even earn money by trying to sell branded products through their blogs. As blogging has the ability to establish bloggers as specialists, some bloggers do earn money by offering consultancy on related topics. Blogosphere is one area which has witnessed a number of changes and has created a lot of opportunity to earn money. So it is left to the blogger to capitalize and monetize on the opportunities since most of them are temporary. The most effective method to make money online is by creating traffic. Though traffic building is a bit difficult it is a method to monetize funds. Traffic is nothing but making more visitors to visit the blog which indirectly leads to more sales, more ad clicks and all other related services. The main idea of any online business is to make money online and this has to be done in such a way that you don’t spend too much to promote your blog. Make your blog interesting and then find all the free advertising online that you can do. Make money fast by getting more and more traffic to your site.