Using Keywords Properly To Improve the SEO For WordPress

1310674074_bigstock-green-blog-2184896Keywords and SEO

Using keywords properly can improve your SEO for WordPress. Most people actually overuse keywords and keyword phrases which results in low SEO rankings. Keep in mind that keywords need to be evenly spaced and should be less than 1% of your content.

Your keyword or keyword phrase should be included in the title, the first sentence or paragraph of your article, and again in the last paragraph. You can also include it somewhere in the middle if your article is 500 words or more. You keyword should also appear in your meta tag as well. It should also flow naturally and not sound forced.

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How A WordPress SEO Plugin Can Improve Your WordPress SEO Ranking

  1. 1310492494_rssLet’s face it most people aren’t experts at search engine optimization, and if this is your first website, or if your website is not ranking well, having a WordPress SEO plugin for your website can really improve your WordPress SEO ranking.
  2. A WordPress SEO Plugin can help to optimize titles, fine tune your navigational links, avoid duplicate content and generate META tags to increase the consistency of your site, which makes your site more attractive to those search engine bots and result in you being able to see your SEO ranking climb up through the pages.

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Great Content Is The Key To Having The Best SEO WordPress Website

How do I get the best SEO for my site?

  1. 11311024963_makemoneyonlinebloggingEveryone talks about the use of keywords, backlinks, and internal links and how important they are to having a great Search engine optimized website, and while all of these things do play a roll in improving your websites SEO the real key is having great content.
  2. Great content is content that is interesting and fresh and something your visitors really want to view. If your content can give them new information, show them how to do something, or put a smile on their face then you have achieve the first and most important step in seeing your website rank well with the search engines.

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Why you need a responsive WordPress Theme

peole_computerWhat does it mean to have a responsive WordPress Theme?

A responsive theme is one that will adapt and be viewable in any device it is on.  Whether your reader is on a large desktop computer screen, a tablet or a mobile phone the site will be viewable and useable.

This doesn’t mean that a user can just “make it work”, but that the site actually knows what type of device a user is on and sizes the website accordingly.

According to Cisco’s Global Data Traffic forcast  “By the end of 2013, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth”.  That seems like a good reason to be sure your website can be seen easily by mobile users?

Do you want a Responsive Theme?  You can get a great one from the StudioPress Theme of the Month – Minimum Theme

What WordPress Plugin can I use to have the best possible SEO for my website?

1310492493_seo-benefits-of-bloggingThere are so many plugins to choose from how do you know which one is right for your site.

When doing a search for SEO plugins there are 34 pages of possibilities.  Some claim to help with the SEO of your entire WordPress site, while other plugins claim to boost the search engine effectiveness of a single function.  When in doubt, find out what others are saying and recommend.

It doesn’t take long to see that WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast is what you are looking for.  It comes highly recommended.  It is stable (meaning it isn’t something new that is being tested out) and it is updated regularly.  When you combine that with good tutorials on how to use it and good support, you can quickly see why this plugin will take care of your WordPress SEO needs.

Check out SEO by Yoast

It may not be as easy to change how your WordPress Theme works once it is full of content.


Choosing the right theme for you is important

Though WordPress has made it easy to change themes, that doesn’t necessarily mean things will work the same.  Something as simple as the size of your videos in one theme, could mean that all of your videos don’t fit in the content area on the new theme. It is a good idea to know what you want your site to be prior to choosing a theme.

For some things like a video site or an eCommerce style website, there are themes which have been designed specifically to meet the special needs of your site.  Choosing a theme that has your needs in mind can not only make the site easier to set-up, but may also make the ongoing maintenance of your WordPress based website much easier.

The great news is there are companies like StudioPress that make incredible themes for reasonable prices, that you can use to have the website you always dreamed of.

Managing your WordPress site

1b8.jpgThere are not very many things having to do with your website that you cannot do yourself in WordPress.   Sometimes we all get stuck.   Should you find the answer yourself of get help?

The question to ask at this point is, “How important is it that I do this?”.

You have to come to terms with the fact that some of the things would be better done by someone else. You may want to read Should you outsource your WordPress site management and consider outsourcing as a benefit to your business.

However the good news is that there are not many of the actions that you do in WordPress that you cannot simply undo by uninstalling or deactivating something you try.  Add a plugin, activate it.  If you don’t like how it works or it seems to be messing up your website, simply go back in to your dashboard and deactivate and deleted it (remember to delete it to get rid of all of it) and you are right back to where you started.

That’s right WordPress really is that easy!

Don’t fear your WordPress, it is a well-designed tool for most all of your website needs.

Here are 3 simple tricks for managing your WordPress Site

3 simple tricks to help you manage WordPress better

1310492493_seo-benefits-of-bloggingHere are some simple tricks to help you manage WordPress better

  1. Set your permalinks – by default permalinks are set to the id number.  Go to Setting>permalinks and change to a common setting.  We recommend either post name only or a custom structure of /%category%/%postname%/
  2. Set your screen options – near the top of your dashboard page on the right hand side is a dropdown arrow next to “screen options” if you click on this you can select/unselect the options you need.  By removing options you don’t need you will remove clutter and make it easier to see and use the items you use.  Screen options can be set for most all sections of the dashboard like the main dashboard, the post/page listings, post/page entry/editing and so on
  3. AKISMET!! – no matter what other plugins you use ALWAYS use Akismet!  This plugin automatically deals with spam for you

Feel free to look at the other helpful articles on managing your WordPress website.

Should you outsource your WordPress site management

Should You Outsource?

WordPress help for youYou need to ask yourself,

“What do I want from my WordPress site?”.

If you are wanting to write or share your thoughts then there are certain things you will need to do yourself.  If you are using WP as a static site or to only make minor changes occasionally than perhaps you will want to do those yourself.

It is always good to know how to do some of the basics in WordPress, but you need to always evaluate if the task is worth the time it takes to do it.

Here is a list of questions to consider:

  • Can you make more money?
  • Can you be more productive?
  • Do you have other more important things to do?
  • What will be lost if you are not the one having to maintain your WordPress?
  • What will be gained if you are not the one having to maintain your WordPress?

Once you have considered these things you need to determine if it may be better for you business if someone else takes care of the website or technical challenges.

Here is a great source for help maintaining you WordPress site

Guest Bloggers Can Add Great Content to Your WordPress Blog

What should I Write?


Keep in mind that you don’t have to write all that great content yourself for your WordPress Blog. Inviting guest bloggers to write a blog or two is a great way to add interesting content, share another point of view, and keep your blog fresh so that visitors will want to come back.
Of course the guest bloggers blog post should be compatible with your blog while adding a new perspective or giving additional information or tips. Guest bloggers can also increase your visitors as they will have their own following.

The easiest way to find a guest writer is on Fiverr.  Keep in mind though that the $5 per post price comes with the distinct possibility that the person is new to writing or may not be well versed in your topic.  As you make friends in your industry you can ask people you meet to guest post on your site.

Feel free to see what other hints we have to help you get great content for your website.